Area Background
Where is Little Rock located?
Little Rock, the capital city of Arkansas, is located near the center of the state at the junction of Interstate Highways 30 & 40, and on the south bank of the Arkansas River. Also located near the geographical center of the United States, Little Rock, as well as Arkansas, is in the center of what is commonly referred to as the Sunbelt.

What is the population of Little Rock?
184,055 in the Little Rock city limits; 580,625 in the Greater Little Rock Metropolitan area.

What is the average temperature?
Summer (July) 81.4 degrees; Winter (January) 39.5 degrees; annual average is 61.7 degrees.

What is the altitude?
286 feet above sea level; residential area between 300 and 630 feet above sea level.

What is the area?
Little Rock: 105.4 square miles; North Little Rock: 37.30 square miles; Pulaski County: 771.0 square miles.

What is the average rain fall?

48.52 inches. Average snowfall: 5.2 inches.

How did Little Rock get its name?
In 1722 the French explorer, Bernard de LaHarpe, sailed up the Arkansas River and upon sighting the first rock bluff since leaving the Mississippi River, called it "La Petite Roche", the Little Rock. The city's namesake, "La Petite Roche", is located at the north end of Rock Street overlooking the river and is part of the sixteen acre Breckling Riverfront Park.

When did Arkansas become a state? Rank? How many counties?
Arkansas became the 25th state admitted to the union on June 15, 1836, and is made up of 75 counties.

State Trivia
Origin of State Name: French interpretation of a Sioux word acansa, meaning downstream place.
State Motto: The People Rule "Regnat populus"
State Colors: Red, white and blue
State Tree: Loblolly Pine
State Insect: Honeybee
State Bird: Mockingbird
State Fish: Largemouth bass
State Flower: Apple blossom
State Gem: Diamond
State Nickname: The Natural State
State Mineral: Bauxite
State Rock: Quartz crystal
State Instrument: Fiddle
State Beverage: Milk
State Fruit and Blossom: South Arkansas vine ripe pink tomato
State Song: "Arkansas", by Wayland Holyfield, and "Oh Arkansas", by Terry Rose and Gary Klaff
State Mammal: White-tailed deer
State Dance: Square dance

Do you have a local newspaper?
Arkansas Democrat/Gazette