Multicultural Meetings

Multicultural Little Rock

Little Rock is located in the heart of Arkansas, but the true heart of this city is its people.  Little rock revels in its diversity and history, and there is no better place in the southeast to celebrate diversity!  From a night of great food and fun at White Water Tavern to an educational trip at the Clinton Presidential Library, Arkansas's capital city offers a big-time experience with a small-town feel.


Why Little Rock?

Little Rock is home to sites significant to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, including the location that spurred the federal government's commitment to eliminating separate systems of education— Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.  It's also part of the Arkansas Civil Rights Heritage Trail which recognizes the sacrifices and achievements made by those who fought for racial justice in Arkansas.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city's multicultural population continues to grow, representing more than 51% of the current population.  And, many cultures are represented in governmental leadership positions in the city. 

These are just some of the reasons why Little Rock has played host to many multicultural events ranging from the International Association of Black Professional Firefighters to the National Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Conference.  

Statehouse Convention Center-2016-night-traffic

Our Convention Center

Convenience is the keyword when talking about your meeting logistics within our city limits.  The Statehouse Convention Center is centrally located in the heart of Little Rock and is only moments away from your next pedestrian adventure.  You can walk across the Riverfront Park, North America's largest pedestrian-intended bridge or stroll the sprawling halls of the Clinton Presidential Center - which contains a full-size replica of the Oval Office during President Clinton's time in office.


Other Things to Do

That's not all, everyone should experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the River Market Entertainment District — where art, music, and food come together in harmony.  Or head on down to SoMa (that's South Main Street) where you can the Grains to Glass Tour at Rock Town Distillery and learn the origins of whiskey and other fine spirits.

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